Engel History

With more than 50 years of history and more than 3 million portable fridges made and sold all around the world, Engel is undoubtedly the leader of the global market of portable freezers and fridges. Its origin dates back to 1962, when this pioneering company in portable refrigeration systems took its first steps in Japan. The swing arm compressor of the Japanese company Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd was key to their success: it is a compressor unique in its category which was developed for portable use and which turned Engel into a reference thanks to its great reliability, resistance and durability. The company has not stopped innovating ever since, improving the performance and reducing the power consumption of their portable compressor fridges, which draw 0,3 to 0,5 amps per hour, around 40% less than a traditional compressor.

Engel fridges and freezers are the perfect companion for adventurers. Campers, boat and caravan owners, and off-road enthusiasts in general are some of the best-known users who trust Engel portable fridge freezers for their adventures. Thanks to its hermetic closing and quality insulation, each Engel portable fridge will guarantee a worry-free experience both on the road and at home, since they are both battery-operated (12/24V DC) and current-operated (110V AC).

engel 50 years