Engel Compressor

One of the keys to the success of Engel portable fridges is their exceptional compressor, which guarantees excellent performance and great durability. The swing arm fridge compressor is unique in its category and is considered to be the most reliable in the world.

The internationally patented swing compressor was developed more than 55 years ago and its secret lies partly in its simplicity. The Sawafuji Swing motor is a reciprocating compressor which has only one moving part that self-lubricates, so no maintenance is needed and the risk of failure is minimal.

Additionally, these fridge compressors do not need much energy to work, since the piston moves slowly at first and then it increases the distance it moves until it reaches a full stroke. These portable fridge freezers work even at 60 degrees angles and on bumpy roads without losing efficiency, so they are ideal for any outdoor activities.

Thanks to the swing arm compressor and to the continued efforts to improve and innovate, Engel currently offers a wide range of portable fridges that stand out for their lightness, their efficiency and their low energy consumption. In combination with the excellent insulation and the hermetic closing, these portable freezers and fridges guarantee an optimal performance. You will be able to take them anywhere knowing that your portable fridge and freezer is heavy duty and absolutely reliable.
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